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Grow your best crop with Radiate.

It’s time to give back to the crops that have given you so much over the years. Grow your best season by giving your crop Radiate—specifically designed to help develop longer, stronger, healthier roots to improve nutrient uptake.

This powerful root growth technology increases your plants’ ability to utilize more essential nutrients and water in your fields. The unique balance of IBA and Kinetin consistently supports maximum root growth and plant performance. Ideal for canola, peas, lentils, soybeans, cereals, potatoes, corn and dozens of other crops—one thing is for sure, if it has roots it needs Radiate.

See Radiate in action.

Radiate contains plant growth stimulants in a specific, proprietary combination that enhances plant growth and root development for all crops.

But enough science talk. See Radiate in action for yourself.

Radiate is rooted in science.

Radiate’s proven technology works with all crops and can be applied foliar. See results here.
  • Enhance early season vigor.
  • Drive maximum root growth.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Maximize yield potential.
  • Support increased profits.

We tested Radiate in our fields to make sure it can work in yours. Click on the icons to see our crop trial results.

What do growers love about Radiate?

Find out what thousands of growers already know—Radiate is one of the best ways to grow strong, healthy roots for almost any type of crop. After all, if you don’t use Radiate you’ll never know how much of a difference it can make in your field.

“Access to nutrients and making use of them in the most efficient manner gives me confidence in Radiate. I don’t think there’s a producer out there who would turn away the chance to have extra branching in their canola crop or increase their root mass by 20–30%.”

—Gary Topham, Manager of Agronomic Services in Manitoba

“Five days after we applied Radiate we dug some barley plants. We could see that we had twice the root system where we used Radiate compared to where we didn’t. We could see Radiate yielded higher by looking at the yield maps, which tells me it matured faster!”

—Tom Vavreck of Sexsmith, Alberta


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